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Meet Dr. Anuka Mahajan (Dentist)

Dentist Calgary NE, Dr. Anuka MahajanDr. Anuka’s journey in dentistry began in her youth. Her desire to make a difference was ignited during her travels to developing countries, where she witnessed the often-unmet oral health needs of people, particularly children.

Today Dr. Anuka serves a diverse and vibrant community in Central and NE Calgary. She specializes in providing quality care to patients of all ages, with special emphasis on the needs of children and those experiencing dental emergencies. In addition, Dr. Anuka supports local and international initiatives to bring dental access to underserved communities.

As Dr. Anuka puts it herself, “Through my passion for dentistry, I’m hoping to not only create healthy smiles but also create a brighter, more hopeful future for all.”

Education and Professional Development

Dr. Anuka earned a Doctor of Dental Science from the University of Western Ontario (London) and returned to her hometown, Calgary, to practice.

She opened Madigan Dental in 2018 with the intent of creating a warm and welcoming family environment for both her staff and patients. She’s proud that patients get to know everyone on staff and Dr. Anuka enjoys seeing familiar faces every day. With a staff of six as well as a Denturist and Implant specialist who are there regularly, Madigan Dental is proud to be a one-stop dental clinic for patients when it comes to their oral health needs.

I strive to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for my patients and try to ease any apprehension with a steady flow of terrible jokes.


Keeping Busy in Calgary NE

Outside the clinic, Dr. Anuka’s vibrant spirit comes to life. As an advocate for a balanced and active lifestyle, she spends her spare time sculpting her own physical and mental well-being in the gym. It’s not uncommon to see her pumping iron and breaking a sweat, determined to lead by example when it comes to health and vitality. She relishes her downtime as well. She’s equally happy cuddling up with her family and puppies to watch movies, or playing cards with her children beside a warm fireplace.

That said, everyone knows that one of the true treasures of Dr. Anuka’s heart are her two adorable “fur babies,” Olivia and Lucy. These giant sheepadoodles have woven their way into her family’s life, adding a dose of playfulness and warmth to her daily routines. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park or a wild romp in the backyard, you can find Dr. Anuka and her furry companions sharing joy and love.

A vision for the future burns brightly within Dr. Anuka’s heart. She aspires to take her expertise beyond borders and extend her dental expertise to those less fortunate. Her dream is to travel to developing countries, where access to dental care is a luxury few can afford, and offer free dentistry services to those in need. By doing so, she hopes to spread smiles, alleviate suffering, and bring about positive change in underserved communities.

Dr. Anuka’s journey as a dentist is not just a profession; it’s a calling to make the world a brighter, healthier, and happier place, one smile at a time.

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