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ClearCorrect at Madigan Dental

Woman putting on clear bracesWhen you want to straighten your teeth, you likely don’t want to have unsightly metal braces. Avoid showing “train tracks” when you smile by choosing orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. At Madigan Dental, our patients love being able to choose ClearCorrect in Calgary NE. It’s an affordable option that is nearly invisible! Nobody will need to know that you’re aligning your smile while you complete your treatment.

Why Choose ClearCorrect?

You can correct your bite and the alignment of your teeth with ClearCorrect. There are many advantages to this form of treatment, including

  • Greater comfort with no wires or brackets
  • No restrictions on your diet
  • Removable as you wish
  • Virtually invisible appliances

What to Expect When Getting ClearCorrect

When you’ve decided that you’re interested in getting your teeth straightened, come in for an evaluation. You’ll meet our dentist and discuss whether you’re a candidate for ClearCorrect. We’ll look at your teeth and make sure they’re all healthy. If you’re ready to learn more, we’ll take scans and pictures of your teeth. This information is sent to the ClearCorrect laboratory. In about a week, you’ll receive an email of a before-and-after video and all the costs involved.

If you choose to move forward, the fee for your scans will be applied toward your ClearCorrect treatment costs. When your aligners have been prepared, you’ll come in so that we can make sure they fit correctly. You’ll return for follow-ups every 4-6 weeks to check your progress.

When you have completed your treatment, we’ll give you a retainer or place a lingual wire on your teeth to keep your new smile in alignment.

The History Behind ClearCorrect

Back in 2006, Dr. Willis Pumphrey realized that his patients wanted to have clear aligner treatment but there was nobody available to make the aligners. He decided to go the extra mile, founding the ClearCorrect organization. Over the years, ClearCorrect has grown, serving millions of people all over the world.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you’ve been thinking about making improvements to your smile, now is the time to start. Contact our team today to schedule a same-day visit! Your health insurance can be used for your appointments with us.

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